Modge Podge Artwork

Pick a silhouette. Cut magazine strips. Use Mod Podge as the glue and sealer.

"modge podged some pages I ripped out of a thrifted book to the canvas. The birds I cut out by hand using a template"

Canvas, book pages, mod podge, Belle silhouette and paint! Super easy!

Modge Podge poster on multiple smaller canvas

preparing canvas for vinyl. Once the second layer of paint is dry take your handy dandy bottle of mod podge. And paint a thin layer of mod podge over the front of the canvas.Let dry completely. Overnight would be ideal.And then your canvas is ready for your vinyl to be applied. The mod podge gives it the texture to stick to, where the paint just doesn't quite have it.

Kids Crafts: Watercolor painting with tissue paper! | DIY Canvas Art I want to do this with Lexi and Ellie.

Allison from Crafted Love used Mod Podge too to make this birds-on-a-wire art:

DIY Bird Canvas love!

To make this, view the "LOVE" canvas that is under my Cameo board.

Uttermost Stand Tall Canvas Art I really like the two toned, simple picture. -L

cut out fabric in certain shapes and mod podge it to canvas --- @Sami Cronin Gale Elizabeth This is so cute! Gotta remember this one.

Freezer paper+canvas+Mod podge


Clever use of a paint strip

How to make a polka dot tree on canvas! Step 1 Print off a silhouette of a tree. (Mine took 4 pages) Step 2 Glue on the printed tree. Step 3 (optional) Paint over the tree in black and white to make an even background color Step 4 Hole punch all of the colors leaves you want. (Use a 3 hole punch). Step 5 Make a 50/50 glue & water solution. Step 6 Spread the glue mixture and apply the leaves. Use an old paint brush to apply leaves Step 7 Apply a coat of matt modge podge to secure leave...

DIY: Watercolor Silhouette. Perfect art project when studying South African wildlife!

Cute idea - mod podge sheet music to a canvas, then use vinyl letters and/or stencils to create silhouettes and words.

Vinyl Silhouette

City-scapes. I've done Paris, Prague, London, Istanbul, Venice, & Barcelona . . . so many left!

WOW!! LOVE THIS!! Mixed Media Collage - Julie Nutting