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juNxtaposition@fleamarkethaul rogers ohio... $50 !!! major haul... keys will be come jewelry, and rack will become a display piece in my booth

display4x4 by honeyandollie, via Flickr...this is a great idea for your booths and stores! wow nice clean storage! and vertical!!!!

Wine Bottle Bracelet Display. Magnet on top to keep bracelets from sliding off, mat board on bottom to keep bottle from rolling (I'm going to use 1 of the flat slate pieces I have). Love it! Display at top of pic looks like a Pringles can!

Necklace Display Jewelry Display... Could look really sleep with Layered Majok Seed Necklace

I have one of these I use in my booth on it's side to display bracelets on the handle. They don't walk away when you have them attached to something.

I wonder if I could make something like this wire jewelry tree for crafts booths. Worried that the pokey ends are impractical for transporting.....

Pattern for lightweight craft booth wall and display bifolds,,and portable walls. I think this would be excellent for baby room, separating the crib and the diaper station perhaps, and not very difficult to make. Would be really pretty with sheer curtains hung on it, too.

Craft Show Display Stand Shelf/Rack for Craft by asensiblehabit, $300.00. This does not look to hard to make. Wonder if it would work as shelf for starting plants or as a storage for canned goods. Hum????

a jewelry tree using an old porch post, a reclaimed finial, some old doorknobs, and a few pieces of reclaimed wood