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So, how do you get that job where you scare the shit out of kittens so a photographer can capture shots like these? Because I might put in my application.

upcycled tv -- I want to make this for Oliver to sleep in! I cannot believe this website exists. SO MUCH CUTE

I beleive that'smy high school English teacher. The one who lectured us on the need to pronounce "pejorative" correctly. Yeah, that one.

different view. so that's what it looks like when they're all bundled and sitting comfortably.

This would be me if I was born a dude, I'd never marry and just have 500 cats as company and as transportation when attached to a cart I could ride in

Chris Illman....I'm going to sneak up on that mouse!

I just cannot put into words how adorable this is. It makes my heart flood with happiness when I see it :)

......Last thing Kitteh claims he remembers was saying yes to grated cheese at Olive Garden...

"The reason cats climb is so they can look down on almost every other animal. It's also the reason why they hate birds." --K C Buffington