tips for growing basil

Companion plants for tomatoes.. repel pests, beneficial to garden

How To: Make your basil plant grow full and bushy instead of tall and sparse by cutting it in the right places.

How To Grow Blueberries

How to Grow Strawberries in 8 Steps + look around the site, lots of other great fruit growing tips!

Indoor herb garden!

Harvesting and Preserving for basil too

How to Grow Indoor Trees - Lemons, limes, oranges, kumquat, clementine, strawberry, blueberry, grapefruit, banana, pineapple, papaya, nectarine, kiwi, apple, avocado, tomato, and figs!

Rain barrel. Note spigot on bottom, overflow valve on top. 20 Insanely Clever Gardening Tips And Ideas

Como plantar alface hidropônica em casa.

Have you been wondering what is the best plant to grow at your home, and yet to be inexpensive and easy? The answer is garlic. Did you know that by eating a whole head of garlic every day you can do miracles for your body? Garlic is a very simple ingredient but with extraordinary health …

How to Propagate Basil from Cuttings

Learn how to grow your own fresh herbs at home!

Pallet gardening

How to Grow an Herb Garden - Herb Growing Chart

Pruning tomato plants: how & when to do it- Pruning tomato plants can maximize the number, size, & flavor of your tomatoes. Warm up your pinching fingers & your garden clippers & find out how a little trim can mean bigger, tastier fruit.

enter your zipcode & it gives you a week by week calendar when to plant

Vegetables to grow in the shade

Finally - an exciting holiday gift that brings the family together! Watch your food grow with the Mushroom Farm - just plant, water, and grow your own gourmet oyster mushrooms. Kids will love seeing their food grow at home. See more at

Tips for growing tomatoes, including three varieties that can grow in a small space.