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Pain is a sign of affection.

Cat Vs Human's Cat People Have A High Tolerance To Pain. We have to have one if we love an animal with scythes on its toes!

cat versus human

They like to dig through fresh litter but nothing ever comes of it. - 'Cat vs Human' by Yasmine Surovec

Catnip by aprintaday, love her cat series...so spot on! Via flickr, check them out!

Funny pictures about Cat on catnip. Oh, and cool pics about Cat on catnip. Also, Cat on catnip.

"Crazy Cat Lady" Posters by fauxtauxgraphy | Redbubble

‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Poster by fauxtauxgraphy

Crazy Cat Lady poster - Huh, I wonder what people say about me and my two normal cats, my one eyed cat and my three legged cat?

What costume?

Cat Vs Human: "I decided to make an early Halloween comic. It gives me an excuse to draw bumblebee costumes.

I wanted to show you how I have already lost 24 pounds from a new natural weight loss product and want others to benefit aswell. - Cats- just cant say no to their gentle purrrr and wondering eyes

Anth always thinks I'm talking to him when I'm really talking to one of the girls, usually Goblin. Sorry Anth, I love you too though.

Funny pictures about Cat vs. Oh, and cool pics about Cat vs. Also, Cat vs.