• Mindy Nolan

    Really interesting idea: teen cell phone contract between kids and parents

  • Melinda Williquette

    GREAT for kids, but also adults!!! Holy Craft: Teenage cell phone contract

  • AH Wilson

    Teenage cell phone contract. Great idea for kids these days! Need to remember this when my kids are old enough to have phones!

  • Lynn Webb

    Teenage cell phone contract. I wish more people would do this (and follow it themselves) - I will certainly be using something like this when the kids are old enough for cell phones!

  • Maxine Anderson
    Maxine Anderson • 2 years ago

    I definitely didn't get a cell phone until senior year of high school, I was 17. My mom finally figured out that when I went to college, that'd be the only way she'd be able to get in touch with me :)

  • Lesley Beresford Yates
    Lesley Beresford Yates • 2 years ago

    Hannah's only 10 & almost everyone she knows has one. I refuse! There isn't any place that she is, that I'm not or don't know who she's with. It just seems so ridiculous to me. But, I'm saving this for use in a few years :)

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