"We are all fools in love"

I like the lettering.

Really want tatoo there..love the quote!

I usually don't like thigh tattoos, but this is cute. It says "Curiosity often leads to trouble" from Alice and Wonderland

Trust Your Struggle ♥

love the placement

cool tatoo ideas for women quote 50 Cool Tattoo ideas

tattoo is based off of the idea of the red string of fate, an Asian belief that two people are connected by a red string (tied together by the gods) and they are destined to develop a great friendship, fall in love, or help each other in some way. It’s a reminder that relationships with people are going to continuously change, fall apart, evolve, and improve, and that’s okay - we are connected, nevertheless. // Plus, I think it’s pretty darn cute. Done by Jordan at Ikon Tattoo

tatoo-I wouldn't mind a tatoo here but don't know what phrase I'd want. It'd have to be something important to me.

there is always hope. // tattoo

oh my gosh. LOVE! Tattoo.


if i ever got a tatoo..this would be it.

oscar wilde

This will be the first tattoo I get.

love the placement

Letters Foot Tattoo. I like the end part

...let your fears go.


"With faith comes hope"

. #Tattoos