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i don't care about katniss, gale, haymitch and the rest --- if they cut out ANY peeta quotes in the movies, i'm gonna be super upset. cuz every single thing he says is wonderful.

Uhm I disagree. Katniss had a lot of other important things going on in her life at 16 yrs old to worry about than being in love with a boy. Peeta had nothing happy or important in life to look forward too besides Katniss. She was always his light. Katniss had a family to keep from starving and in the games she was determined to get back to that pitiful existence. Luckily she DOES find love with Peeta and he DOES give her a wonderful life. But don't talk crap because it wasn't freaking love at first sight! This story isn't about romance anyways!

Pretty sure this led to the occurrence of a heavy sigh of contentment. (just in case you didn't know this, the hunger games are my favorite!!)

"Remember, girl on fire... I'm still betting on you." -Cinna Hunger Games!