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finally someone recognizes that!

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I love you like a drunk girl loves yelling that she's sober at 3am while lying on the floor of a Taco Bell.


Whipped Vodka......yumm-o

funny starbucks

Love Stinks Necklace - Valentines Day - Breakup Necklace - Broken Heart Pendant Necklace - Divorce Necklace - Black Ribbon Necklace


just call me a hero


I'm always polite about it.

Look how many fucks i give.

Kayla Mullinax

Hahaha! love this!!!!!!

Haha awesome!


And, of course, the Cat Facts Approach: | The 23 Best Ways To Handle A Text From The Wrong Number.. LAST ONE, TOO FUNNY!!!



This kills me every single time!! BRILLIANT!

Great idea for kids!!!! Buy a ceramic white plate (dollar store) and let the kids make a picture with sharpie pens, then bake @350 for 30 minutes. PS, Mr. Clean Magic eraser will take off any unbaked sharpie mistakes. Cut a small piece off and use tweezers for a tiny eraser, or use the whole sponge to erase an entire design until perfect enough to bake on permanently.

I'm laughing too hard!!!!


If you're going to run out on the field make it worth it. Lol