Lion's Rock

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka


Manarola, Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy ~ I love how the town is built into the landscape and how the landscape shapes the town

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Pompeii (Almost made it there 8 years ago)

Lava Pool, Madeira, Portugal

Must do: Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

Sigiriya. Sri Lanka

Athens, Ancient Greece

Restaurant on a cliff on the east coast of Zanzibar. Depending on tide you can reach it by foot or by boat.

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. Located off the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent in South Asia. Sri Lanka is an island surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Mannar, the Palk Strait, and lies in the vicinity of India and the Maldives travel.

Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Mother Sri lanka


Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park. There's about 300 steps to get to the top, but its worth it!! There's a awesome view at the top!!!

Mayan ruins at Tulum, Mexico x.

Kerala backwaters

Maya Bay, Thailand