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Jolt cola...the energy drink of the 80's!

Before there was Red Bull there was Jolt cola. I knew better than to mess with this stuff.


Tab-one of the first if not THE first low cal (diet) drinks. My Mom drank this all the time. It is one of my mom memories

WHAM-O SUPER BALL.... A classic toy from the 60's the SUPER BALL. Made of amazing zectron with 50,000 lbs of compressed energy it bounces super high. theonestopfunshop.com

Super Ball

A classic toy from the the SUPER BALL by WHAM-O. Made of amazing zectron with lbs of compressed energy this ball bounces super high.

circa 1940s A well-worn vintage Pepsi-Cola concentrate can. The 10 gallon metal…

vintage Pepsi-Cola syrup drum

A well-worn vintage Pepsi-Cola concentrate can circa The 10 gallon metal drum has worn down to reveal an orange tone with pieces of the Pepsi logo visible on the front. The lid features the logo

Most of the time I am polite to everyone (I swear I am a nice person), but on my worse days, sometimes I just don't have the energy. One time I actually got called an ice queen (to my face), but honestly I was too tired and in too much pain to care.

Most of the time I am polite to everyone (I am a patient nice person), but on my worst days, it takes some major effort. The good news is, the exhaustion makes it easy to just sigh & walk away.

The True 80's Cereals

I remember all of these.Smurf Berry Crunch was my absolute favorite though and it's not on here. I still remember the smell, the glow in the dark stickers, the comforting chemical/sugar taste.

Barbie accessories, I think we had this set. I definitely had those tennis rackets and the basket of flowers.

Killerspin JET500 Table Tennis Paddle

Barbie accessories - my aunt gave me and my cousin all her old barbie stuff, definitely remember a lot of these.those tennis rackets especially

Max Headroom - early 80's this was such a sick comedy kind of show for the times... but MAX became VERY popular...

Max Headroom was a sarcastic computer-generated character on a sci-fi TV show of the same name. The show aired for 2 seasons, from March 1987 to May Who remembers him?

It actually erased paper. http://imgur.com/gallery/QDbS4Vx

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