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not one on this earth will not feel the impact of this world fallen. Look unto the Lord and he will heal the broken heart.

Sometimes I forget to change the captions on my pins and worry people will think I really said that.

"it was always you falling for me. Now there's always time, calling for me. I'm the light, blinking at the end of the road. Blink back to let me know.."

EVERYTHING, and I mean ev-er-ry-thang happens for a reason. If its amazing or the biggest mistake of your life. It's all apart of "the plan". I absolutely love and adore my Rowdy Coy :)

This is 100% true. The biggest fights in my two years of marriage have been over Steve Jackson's Munchkin Quest. I now record any "new house rules" on my iPad for future reference...

You know you are even older when it was your daughter who was drawing on paint! Sigh....

childhood? Avonlea Wilkinson Audrey Love Katie Gregory Noel Dennis

Seriously I think every one of these is true!! Sooo adorable they are, these little beings!! And in their own world!!

Yep, that's what I saw. But instead of all the food, it was tons of weapons stacked on top of each other.