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Spelling, the thing that no one seems to know anymore. :)


Oh. My. Gosh!!! This has me in stitches over here.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! THIS IS SO HILARIOUS!!! :D :D :D ...well at least I thought it was :) (Oh, Spidey, it's so cute that you think you matter.)

Sometimes just saying "No" is so difficult. Now I have 25 other options =)

Omg he looks retarded....big body and little tiny head lol. How r the roids working for ya dumbass?

Now That's Thinking On Your Feet

Breea shoots babies and seniors, I can see shooting a senior but a baby? jk to all you moms of seniors! Breea Guttery

I'm so guilty of saying this (or other such questions) to my students all the time. Thank goodness no one has ever had this response...