The kindness one does for an animal may not change the world. But it WILL change the world for that one animal.

Before And After Getting Rescued. Spouse saved a kitty and she is our favorite little cute

Indeed...this is true.

Good Samaritans and animal rescuers saved two four-month-old puppies dumped in a tar well, now they want to identify the animal abusers.

So true

For us to allow this it is wrong and most people agree that it is wrong - but yet we still can't even treat humans any better than this and a lot of the horrible treatment is for religious ideologies.

This made me cry.

#Humans always need to be educated about #animalwelfare & laws are needed to stop animal abuse. Use this intention, "Everytime I blink, 1 million people will become aware of animal abuse & take action to stop it." If enough of us do it, it could change the world!

So true.

Being sorry won't save lives. If you truly feel bad for shelter animals, DO SOMETHING to change their world! It starts with YOU!

So true.

Petition · Byeong-ha Kwon: Honorary Ambassador Byeong-ha Kwon: Speak for the Korean animals at the PyeongChang 2018! · 18.05.16/3.223/91


Creating a Better World for Animals… The Davinci Foundation for Animals,

funny but very, very true.

Please help educate to end animal cruelty, As a world we can do this. It just takes love.


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