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If You Start To Miss Me Remember,I Didn’t Walk Away You Let Me Go ~ Break Up Quote

so true... :S

Reality never fails to leave me feeling stunned all over again.

And I'm enduring what everyone fears the most - letting go. Hold on to what you have and fight for it. It will be well worth it!

As I get older, I get wiser, every girl that I date and breaks up with me saying I'm a great guy or that I'm perfect hits me hard, wondering why if I'm so perfect am I so easy to leave. I grow from every breakup and I learn from it all, there is someone out there for me and someday I'll make her my wife.

Its hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does...

the sad truth

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Letting go isn't always easy, but it is necessary to move forward ...

Never understood before the hurt of letting go. Easier to put up with the loss and confusion than to even think about letting go.

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Love this quote!

I don't like the memories ... A war between remembering and forgeting

Someone really important to me told me this before I broke up with my boyfriend. Its the truth. You cant lie to yourself about who a person is and who they changed into because its all a lie. You want to believe they are the same person you fell in love with but they just arnt.

This would be an awesome vow to my future husband....nailed it one confident quote.

Never settle...

She didn't think I hurt... I wish she could just see how bad it hurt me knowing that I hurt her. Besitos

Always that one person...