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    6th–7th century, Byzantine. Gold, sapphire, pearl. These elegant earrings are decorated with pearls, a favorite jewel of the Byzantines. Sapphires, then called hyakinthoi (hyacinths), became popular in Byzantine jewelry in the sixth century.

    Finger Ring Western Iran, circa 550-330 B.C. Jewelry and Adornments; rings Bronze, cast

    An interesting pendant : He was born, lived, died in this home. Germany, late 16th - early 17th century Gold, enamel, rubies, diamonds

    Signet Ring with a Squirrel -- England --- 13th-14th century

    Title/name : Ring Author : Egypt or Syria Discovery place : Lebanon, Beqaa region Date / period : 11th century Materials and techniques : Gold; filigree and granulation ornamentation

    Morse (clasp for Liturgical cope) of the Annunciation, Europe 13th century

    Pierced gold mourning slide, with enamelled skulls, crossbones, a winged heart, flowers and leaves, England, mid 17th century.

    A French sixteenth-century memento-mori pendant featuring a skull and crossbones, symbols of death.

    Belt buckles | Alexander Calder. a) Silver wire, ca. 1940 and b) Brass wire, ca. 1950 || ART366500 / Calder Foundation, NY.

    China | Kingfisher tiara/headdress used by a provencial Chinese leader dating to the 19th century. Rendered in hand wrought brass and metal, inlaid with iridescent turquoise kingfisher feathers. Cabochon glass jewels present as well.

    Art Smith Jewelry

    1950's Handmade Silver + Hematite Brooch by John Pagacz

    Golden earring with Nike riding a chariot The goddess of victory is riding a two-horse chariot. 5cm high (1 15/16 inch). Greek Greek Period, Classical Period, 350 – 325 BC

    Tibet | Man's earring and carrying case. ca. 1900s | Brass, gold, turquoise and leather || It was customary for Tibetan men to wear an earring in their left ears as a form of ornament.

    Georges Fouquet (1862 - 1957) , Brooch with Chatelaine, ca. 1901. Abalone Pearl and Plique-á-Jour Enamel

    A Seljuk nielloed gold Ring with turquoise seal Persia, 12th-13th Century cast in gold, with oval bezel with eleven prongs securing a kufic inscribed turquoise stone, the shoulders engraved and inlaid with roundels containing birds on a scrolling interlace arabesque 1.8cm. diam.

    English, 14th century


    A heavy Gold Drop, Parthian Period, ca 247 B.C. – 224 A.D.

    A Holy Land Gold Brooch, ca late 4th century BC

    Alexander Calder @1945 .:!:.

    Old Babylonian Date: ca. 18th–17th century B.C. Mesopotamia,said to be from Dilbat Babylonian Gold ...

    René Lalique Swan Ring. Gold hoop ring, enamelled with a frieze of four swans in water, each posed differently. René Lalique, Paris, 1898-1899

    Gold Earring with Pearls and Sapphires Date: 6th–7th century Culture: Byzantine Medium: Gold, sapphire, pearls

    This 3 parts betrothal ring is from 1626. #jewellery #history Photo: Mats Landin, Nordiska museet.