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    Deborah Smith of Phoenix and her brother Casper Stockham of Denver are grassroots activists for American Conservatives of Color. Casper is the president of the Denver chapter and Deborah is vetting candidates in Arizona for the organization.

    By Robert J. Avrech, via Big Hollywood: Robert Montgomery was born to privilege, but his father committed suicide by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge leaving the family penniless. Montgomery was, no doubt, relieved to be able to afford this Cadillac Sport-Phaeton. An active Republican Montgomery was outspoken against Communist influence in Hollywood.

    Black Republicans

    FED-UP-Democratic WV state senator Evan Jenkins has LEFT the DEMOCRATS FOR the GOP. “The Obama agenda has become crystal clear,” he says, pointing to Obama’s support for “immigration reform that includes amnesty provisions” as well as “his limitations on our constitutional rights relating to gun ownership,” “his environmental agenda, which spells the end of coal and coal jobs,” and “the government takeover of health care .Those are issues and positions that I just simply won’t embrace." 8/1

    Adam Carolla Defends Big Oil: Why Are They the Enemy?

    Ann Coulter

    Conservative Celebrities

    A Black Republican Responds to Second City and The Huffington Post


    Young, Black & Republican (Part 2)

    Young, Black & Republican (Part 1)

    "If it's about the lives of my men and their safety, I'd go through hell with a gasoline can." Allen West is Integrity on two legs! He would make a Wonderful President. Other countries would regain respect for America & would unite us again.

    Thomas Sowell on Gun Control

    (The Rock) One of the few who can pull off wearing under armor in public is a Conservative.

    Lacey Conrad of the HILLS is a Conservative.

    Tom Selleck and Mario Lopez both have Conservative values.

    Kevin A. Ross, host, producer, & former judge. He is the host of the court show America's Court with Judge Ross. A "loyal Republican", he says he felt torn between a sense of loyalty to his party and to his race [during Obama's candidacy], but ultimately it came down to the fact that "I had to be able to look at my children, and I wanted to be able to say to them, 'You can be anything you want. And now, after Nov. 4, you can also be president.’" He is a graduate of Morehouse & Southwestern Law.

    New York Jets’ owner Woody Johnson

    John Elway . Great QB Voted for Romney.

    .God Bless Dion Sanders

    "But here’s the dirty little secret about Hollywood that I’ve talked about and people don’t talk about enough is that, most people in Hollywood are on the right side of the political spectrum. They just are. Because they live their lives like normal American people do. And the majority of normal Americans are center-right, because they want the government out of their lives..." -- Adam Baldwin

    "I'll probably vote Conservative. I mean, we're in a terrible state whichever way you look at it, socially, financially and politically, so just give the other guy a chance." -- Michael Caine


    What the (Bleep) Just Happened? by Monica Crowley

    Dana Perino, President George W. Bush's press secretary