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    • Karen Pauley

      Best homemade body wash recipe I've found. (It's suppose to be ideal for Eczema) Update 3/15/12: I just finished making my first batch & I absolutely love it. It smells really great ( I used a lavender essential oil) & after washing my hands with it I quickly noticed how clean, soft & smooth they felt. I can't wait to try it on my son's eczema prone skin. I am going to have to make this my body wash as well.

    • Marie Boutros

      interesting homemade body wash recipe. I'll give it a try one day...Oats, rosemary, water, citric acid, coconut oil, honey, liquid castile soap, guar gum, essential oils

    • Marg Tayz

      Home made essential oil body lotion

    • Amanda Dykman

      Homemade Body Wash Give it a try! Swap out oils and infusion ingredients to make a recipe that’s perfect for your skin. This would be a fun project to try with kids too. 1 Tbs steel cut oats (optional - to infuse) 1 sprig of rosemary (optional - to infuse) 1 c. water 1 Tsp citric acid (to prevent bacterial growth in your bodywash) 2 Tbs coconut oil (can swap out with olive, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, apricot kernel or any other oil) 1 Tbsp honey 1-1/2 c. liquid castile soap (I used Dr Bronner’s) 1 tsp guar gum (you can find it in most markets that carry natural foods with the Bob’s Red Mill grains) 30 drops essential oils (your preference - I used a blend of lavender, chamomile, and lemongrass) 1. Boil water in a kettle and once boiling pour over the oats and rosemary (or whatever you decide to infuse). Cover and let sit for an hour, then strain to remove oats and rosemary bits from your infusion. 2. In a bowl whisk your oil, honey, infusion, and citric acid together. 3. Sprinkle in the guar gum, whisking to combine, and then immediately afterward whisk in the castile soap (if you wait too long the guar gum will thicken and you’ll have clumps) until blended and smooth. 4. Drop in your essential oils and fold in with a spoon or spatula. Store the mixture in a bottle (opaque is best) out of direct sunlight and use within 6 months. Shake before each use.

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