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I feel like I see a lot of comments (not on plaindress or from plaindress followers, but in general around the internet) about how faceless Amish dolls are creepy  Personally I think they’re pretty cute and a million times less creepy than hyper-realistic baby dolls. Like if I had to sleep in a room with a ton of dolls staring at me? I’d pick faceless Amish ones over “Reborns” any day

The Amish girls have faceless dolls for the same reason they do not have photos. They consider them a graven image which the Bible forbids. Faces - Travel Photos by Galen R Frysinger, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Cindy Woodsmall's Blog - Why the Amish Dress the Way They Do ~ - May 14, 2012 10:06

Today I’m going to talk a bit about what the Amish wear and why they choose to dress the way they do. The topic of Amish clothing can be a complicated one.

Horse power!

An Amish farmer plows his field behind six draft horses June 2011 in New Wilmington, southwestern Pennsylvania.

This Greenbrier Amish doll pattern is work but worth the effort. I've made 2 and they are wonderful gifts.

This Greenbrier Amish doll pattern is work but worth the effort, they are wonderful gifts.

Lurleen paused at the door, her heart racing.  Could that dark buggy parked by the barn hold the key to her secret dreams?    From the forthcoming Dorheen Shreve book " Blossoms of Amish Hope". Spring 2013

Based on the best-selling book by Beverly Lewis. (First novel in The Heritage of Lancaster County series: The Shunning, The Confession & The Reckoning)

Amish Girl on Scooter

“ submitted by katicula ” the amish/mennonites generally don’t use bicycles (how can you be working hard if you’re seated?) so you see lots of anabaptist kids with rollerblades and, when they were.