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Related Pins Find out How and Why One's Relationship to Cats is a Key to Self Awareness.

A New Look at Love, Karma & Relationships - The quest for love -& for that perfect partner- is really a quest for wholeness. W/ warmth & wisdom, this book helps men & women explore the spiritual dimension of relationships & find new keys to wholeness & true love. You'll learn about soul mates, twin flames & karmic partners; understand why you attract certain loves into your life & why even the most difficult relationship can be a springboard into that perfect love you've been searching for. What is the Difference between our Relationship with Cats and our Relationship with our Mind? How to find the Missing Piece in Physical Relationships and Emotional Intimacy.

What different effects does speaking in emotional energy and/or feeling energy have on the physical body? Why does speaking in positive and/or negative energy have different effects on the physical body? What is it about positive and negative energy and their relationship to the Mind and Body that will determine the effects they have on us and the physical when we speak in reactions? Having an affair in your own Mind and its Relationship with Jealousy.

Correct Relationships will Take Great Effort, it takes Dedication, it takes Commitment, it takes Discipline, Respect… All the Words that you Truly would Like to Live – that is Part of a proper Relationship-Agreement.

ignorance, there is a cure

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