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I don't think there were any of these shots in Breaking Dawn. I was sooo disappointed. Please God , let there be a directors cut for all us pervs.

When I found this the caption was: "Twilight Over The Years :)" I literally see no change in the people, I mean Twilight has only been kickin it for 3-4 years and Obviously the person who posted this doesn't realize that vampires don't change. So, posting one picture would suffice for all 5.

twilight breaking dawn part 2 - I pin Twilight hate all the time then I see this and I'm all Akjkdflsajdklfjsdkljf!!! ! lol *its complicated*

We'll never let anyone hurt you - Bella quote fan edit You don't want to get in the way of a momma and her child

Breaking Dawn part 2 ~ Edward and Bella

Breaking Dawn...Twilight Part 2 Free Tickets... Check for movie times here

re wire and fried itself, its mission unknown and uncompleted. And there was some new hardware in the avionic core that

"Now he tells me." lol I wish Garrett's speech scene hadn't been cut out. I guess the new scene took that place. lol Also, where was Kachiri? Why wasn't she with Alice, Jasper, Nahuel, and Huilen? And Zafrina and Nessie's friendship should've been shown more. I don't even think Zafrina said one word and she was my favorite. :(

Edward : Bella your beautiful were the same tempture now (Bella grabs him and pulls him into a hug not know how strong she is) Edward: um Bella your a lot Stronger then me right now it's your turn not to brake me (She lets go) Bella : I love you Edward: I will always love u

Breaking Dawn part 2 ~ Edward, Bella, Renesmee, Jacob and Charlie