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I am so glad Pinterest is here to protect our eyes from filthiness.

As a kid we would go to Amish country every year. I became friends with a young Amish girl who worked for the motel and in exchange, she was allowed to swim in the pool. Her bathing suit was a dress! It amazed me... She amazed me!

Wie zijn de Amish? Oké ik heb Breaking Amish gezien, maar weet ik dan wie ze zijn, het is zo'n interessante cultuur, waar wij Nederlanders helemaal niets van weten...

Amish barn The Amish do everything by low-tech means (they don't even use electricity) which leaves the visitor in awe of these beautiful piles of hand stacked wheat

Three Amish children with a bicycle, Belize This sure looks a lot like me and my sister an brother!

A Life in the Sun - Bottle opener by Silver Image, via Flickr

Amish Father by Photographic Poetry, via Flickr

Amish girl with scooter by Catacami, via Flickr