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The famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio a.k.a Jordan Belfort is a famous American actor and film producer. Some of his famous movies include Titanic and The Wolf of Wall Street. One of his famous sayings is: “You may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit”. Source: Other

Mitchum, Robert - Signed Photo

American film actor, author, composer and singer best remembered for his roles in film noir style movies, was active 1942 through 1996 in tens of movies. Signed sepia photo postcard, 4 x 6 inches, excellent condition

Michael Landon (10/31/36 - 7/1/91) American actor, writer, director, and producer. He is best known for his roles as Little Joe Cartwright in Bonanza, Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prairie, and Jonathan Smith in Highway to Heaven.

Jesse Donald "Don" Knotts (July 21, 1924 – February 24, 2006) comedic actor best known for his portrayal of Barney Fife on the 1960s TV sitcom "The Andy Griffith Show", a role which earned him 5 Emmy Awards.