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    • Dewi Djunaidy

      U.S. Army women saluting as they fashion the official uniforms of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAACS) for the first time in Washington,...

    • John La Liberté

      On 15 May 1942, the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps was established, granting women official military status.

    • Randall Anderson

      Changing Role of Women in the 1920s | Army women saluting as they fashion the official uniforms of the Women ...

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    4 August 1945 - 45 cases of art were found in the Merkers salt mine vault. All of the most valuable pieces from Berlin's museums. 400 tons of art in total. It took 26 ten-ton trucks to transfer the art to Frankfurt. Patton wrote about what he saw in the mine,"A number of suitcases filled with jewelry, such as silver and gold cigarette cases, wrist-watch cases, spoons, forks, vases, gold-filled teeth, false teeth, etc. acquired by bandit methods." Much from concentration camps.

    Nazi stolen loot - 7,000+ bags of gold bars are revealed to Supreme Commander Eisenhower, he said: ."Crammed into suitcases & trunks was a great amount of gold & silver plate and ornament obviously looted from private dwellings throughout Europe. All the articles had been flattened by hammer blows, obviously to save storage space, & then merely thrown into the receptacle, apparently pending an opportunity to melt them down into gold or silver bars."

    Armin Wegner - WWI german medic who photographed and documented the Armenian Genocide by the Turks 1914-1916, Later was persecuted by the Nazis in WWII for his condemnation of anti-semitism, and was declared a Righteous Person in Israel.

    Berlin, Germany, 1939, Tanja Henle, a baby. Additional Information: Tanja Henle was born in 1939. Due to her birth, the Henle family stayed in Berlin, and cancelled plans to emigrate. The entire Henle family perished in the Holocaust.

    The Red Army had over 2,000 woman snipers during ww2

    Filipinos serving in the U.S. military during WWII.

    Soldiers with their girls at the Indianapolis bus station. Indianapolis, 1943. (By Esther Bubley)

    Joseph and Magdan Goebbles

    Adolf Hitler, Hermann Goering (in hunter clothing with a dagger) and Baldur von Schirach on the Obersalzberg 1936.

    Karl & Ilse Koch Karl was Commandant of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, then moved to Buchenwald. and finally to Majdanek. He was executed by the Nazis for theft during the war.His wife, Isle, "Bitch of Buchenwald" is infamous for her collection of items made from the tanned skin of inmates. She rode through the camps selecting prisoners whose tattoos she fancied,had them killed, and used the skin for lampshades purses,and other items. She committed suicide in prison in 1967.That's EVIL!

    Hitlers parents were Klara and Alois

    Buchenwald, Germany, 1945, A door to the crematorium after the liberation. Bodies were cast down this door, hung on hooks and brought up by elevator to be burned.

    Warsaw, Poland, A burial society worker holding a dead baby.

    Warsaw, Poland, Dead bodies piled on a cart in the ghetto, probably on their way to burial.

    Harlingen, Netherlands, Two children wearing a Yellow Badge of Shame. Jansje Pais and Benjamin Pais, shortly before they were deported in 1942. Both of them died in the same year in Auschwitz.

    Riga, Latvia, 1941, Ester Gordon who perished in the Holocaust.

    Buchenwald, Germany, Human body parts in specimen jars, after liberation.

    Klooga, Estonia, Corpses ready for burning, found by Soviet soldiers after liberation.

    Baranow, Poland, Two Jewish children who perished in the Holocaust.

    A young German soldier tries to humiliate an elderly Polish Jew by cutting his beard. Beard-cutting was a method of humiliation favored by many Germans. As it is with all bullies and their victims, the strong bear the real shame for preying on the weak. The Jews of Europe bore such petty torments with exceptional dignity and fortitude. If this soldier were still alive to look back at this picture, would he feel ashamed? If he retained any humanity, he would.

    Budapest, Hungary, Jews waiting in a line outside the Swedish Embassy.

    An execution of Jews in July 1942 in the occupied Soviet Union. Jewish Soviet citizens were shot by German soldiers. (the photograph was found on the body of a German officer at the end of July, 1942)

    Bergen Belsen, Germany, A pile of shoes, after the liberation.

    Warsaw, Poland, Bodies of children and adults.

    Dachau, Germany, A fight between an inmate and a German soldier who was caught by American soldiers.