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Printable brain hat!!!

Brain Hat Activity:Learn about the major lobes of the brain while utilizing multiple intelligences. I use this activity to explain the structure of the cerebrum and cerebral cortex, learn the lobes, and learn the functions of each regions of the brain.

Play Brain Surgeon! Five messy and spooky ways to learn about the brain. Slime, Ice, erupting brains... Perfect for Halloween or Mad Scientist parties!

5 Messy Ways to Play Brain Surgeon

Five messy and spooky ways to learn about the brain. Slime, Ice, erupting brains could be both dramatic play and science!

NEW DOWNLOAD: Make a "Brain Hat" What a fun way to learn about the different parts of the brain and the functions of each part! Includes templates for different 'sizes' (child through adult). Download Club members can download @ http://www.christianhomeschoolhub.com/pt/Brain--Nervous-System--Neuroscience-Teaching-Materials/wiki.htm

CHSH (Christian Home School Hub) - Brain Nervous System Neuroscience Teaching Materials

Fun Brain Activities for Kids

Fun Brain Activities for Kids

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The human body is one of the most complex entities in the universe. Most people don’t know the processes that keep their body moving – and who can blame them?   Did you know that tiny little ears include series of tiny bones and muscles all working together in perfect harmony? Educents …

17 Resources To Help Kids Digest the Human Body

Anatomy class: Brain Hemisphere Hat (free printable) from Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop

This project is a two-day in-class project in which the students will be asked to apply their knowledge of the nervous system in a higher-level fashion by representing what they feel the brain functions are. Included is a resource diagram of the brain, brainstem & cerebellum.  Also included is a list of what occurs in each part of the brain.

Draw the brain and what occurs in each lobe - NERVOUS SYSTEM BRAIN NEUROANATOMY

Color Changing Milk- so easy & safe to do, all you need is a plate, milk, food coloring, dish soap & Q-tips

Color Changing Milk experiment from Steve Spangler Science. This site has tons of great experiments for kids and explains the science behind each :)

In the bag is everything needed to perform these simple  experiments.

Everything needed for several science experiments is packed into a box. Great fun for kids. school stuff for summer

Clique na foto que tem o passo a passo para fazer o recurso!! A metamorfose da borboleta!

butterfly project: Here's a great idea for making an interactive tool for watching the process of metamorphosis.

Earth science: Very detailed lesson plans on how to create a bidome in your classroom and teach it.

Biodomes Engineering Design Project: Lessons 2-6 - Activity

EARTH SCIENCE Biodomes - Two students work on their biodome. Nearby are unique model biodome designs, all made with conjoined clear plastic bottles and trays.

Source for Mental Illness Infographic  Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. To find out about Writers Write - How to write a book, or The Plain Language Programme - How to...

The Science of Health - "Research has demonstrated that an imbalance in brain chemicals can contribute to the development of some mental disorders. It’s suspected that this chemical imbalance impedes the ability of the brain to send messages in between

The science of happiness explained in one infographic.  Visit  http://www.counselinginsite.com/about.html for more information and resources from Counseling Insite. Knowledge is Power

The science of happiness explained in one infographic

Psychology infographic & Advice Psychology : The Science Of Happiness Infographic. Image Description Psychology : The Science Of Happiness Infographic