If I wake up with determination, stick to eating well and treating my body well the whole day, I will definitely go to bed with satisfaction.

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How to Apply Muscle Activation Therapy


do not blame genetics. do not blame a busy sched. do not blame the weather. do not blame school/work. if you want it BAD enough, you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

Even small amounts of exercise, one consistently, will greatly improve your health :) I need this on a T-shirt!

Succes is the sum of small efforts repeated day in & day out!

"Anybody can become a runner if they really want to. If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. That's all I did. Don't spend the rest of your life wondering if you could do it. It doesn't matter how old you are. I'm living proof of that." ~ Priscilla Welch, who won the 1987 New York City Marathon at age 42

It's never too late to change your life. start running today to be healthy and fit and have a longer happier life

Lose your muffin top and get ride of the excess buldge that pops out and over your jeans. See the tummy exercises from flat tummy workouts to reduce tummy fat, and muffin tops. How to get a flat tummy.

progress is what i need to go for abs are made in the kitchen!!

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Motivation to work out

100 Reasons to work out today

Just in case you run out of motivation Its one of those things that if you dont give yourself a reason to stay motivated everyday, youll lose your momentum

Unless you puke, faint, or die...

Unless you puke, faint, or die.even when you want to puke, faint, and die

You can do it!

wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction. my routine is now working out when i wake up and before i go to bed, and i really really really don't want to work out right now lol.

For my hubby and friends enduring the C4 class!!

This is pretty cool - 3 weeks of day-by-day workout routines with picture explanations and healthy eating tips. A good way to get started, or add some new moves to your routine! keep-it-active fitness ab-workout

You’ll a lot more compliments for working out than you will for sleeping

What is better for you, working out or sleeping in? What will bring you more compliments, working out or sleeping till am?

A good man can make you feel sexy, strong and able to take on the world.  ...Oh, sorry... that's exercise... exercise does that...

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