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Covered bridgefor daddieth. he sais for covered bridges (in his will to myself for yourself only to place somewhere arboreal beautiful place myself some beautiful your favs orange and greens out there). so i placed that right up there. and id the similar. and placed a church nearby i could see so i could get that done. and each covelle and daneille did a board. gs.

Cads Cove, Great Smoky Mountains, TN - Google Image Result for

Reminds me of the River Road before it was paved ~ like a tunnel of green. The West Branch of the Susquehanna was on the right & the lane to grandma's farm was on the left, just before that hill in the distance...

There's nothing better than to take an afternoon drive on a country road during fall color season. Wind in your hair and songs in the heart. Absolutely beautiful!

Sleepy Hollow Farm, Vermont #creation #fall #autumn #trees #green #orange #country #travel #USA #grass #bucolic #pastoral #idyllic