Sgt. Stubby

seriously. pit bulls get a bad rap. #SaveAPitBull

pit bull saves chihuahua story :)

Pit bulls are great dogs!


Happy Veterans Day to Layka, a Belgian Malinois, war dog Hero that almost gave her life to save a squad of soldiers in Afghanistan. In honor of Layka and all those who have served- Veterans & Military receive a special discount today!

Dog CPR. Good to know.

Yep...gaaah I had the hardest time deciding which board to put this on...cute animals or quotes/sayings

Pit Bull!


Pitbulls can be the sweetest dog ever if you train them to be and it goes the same way with other dogs. it can be all on the owners.

Pitt bull inspiration

pits r the best

There are no bad dogs only bad owners...

Pit Bulls <3

Pit Bulls<3

STUBBY, Pit Bull Terrier mix, WWI. The most decorated war dog in U.S. history.

top reasons to not trust a pit bull!

pit bulls

love pit bulls