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Vintage - View Master.

Oh yes, my viewmaster -- LOVED IT! I actually still have my viewmaster and many of my original reels. One of the few things I have from my childhood. Comment if you had a viewmaster too!


Cassette Recorder, I used to have one very similar to this in the I'd tape TV shows to listen to later. American Top 40 on Saturdays at noon!

Ohhh I had one these! Loved it back then and forgot all about it 'til just now.

Merlin game with sounds and red lights. I remember playing this thing a lot in the Such high tech! - I actually still have this game

toujours d'actu

Vintage Antique Made in Japan Cow Sound Noise maker old Metal

Remember this, it mooed! And I was a weird kid afraid of it. I had a phobia of animal sound from a can. think I hated the idea of an animal trapped in a small can.

lepages glue - used this all through elementary school

In the days before Elmer's Paste. And Elmer's School Glue. And Glue Sticks.

Jeu des hippos gloutons de mes fils.

Hungry Hungry Hippo- Awesome game when I was a kid!

Polly Pocket!! I loved these!

I loved Polly Pocket's when I was a kid! This is how i remember polly pockets.

Chez les commerçants. Au magasin, la nôtre était à deux plateaux en cuivre, avec la boite de poids avec lesquels j'adorais jouer, surtout les plus petits... Je crois n'en avoir jamais perdus... Heureusem

La balance du boucher ou du crémier où on m'envoyait faire les courses.

It's Mikey.....he'll eat anything!

Life cereal commercial starring Mikey - "Let Mikey try it. Hey, look, he likes it! Mikey likes it!

cercles  a glisser dans un tube

Waterful Ring-Toss by Tomy. Anyone Remember This? I want this! I loved playing with this as a kid!