• Missy Smith

    I Miss my mother and her words of wisdom. I heard every one of these growing up. RIP Brenda Brooks

  • Theresa Morris

    Things Our Mothers Taught Us- So funny and so true!

  • Kiah Beaucage

    So true!! Heard mom say all these sayings!! I am so turning this into my next Mother's day card ;)

  • Somer Bizzle

    Things Our Mothers Taught Us...thanks @Sally Creed, for all your life lessons :)

  • Beth Wyatt

    Things Our Mother Taught Us: So funny my mom used all these when I was growing up

  • Karen Montgomery

    So true. I can still hear my mom saying some of those exact quotes. LOL!

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*Dies laughing*

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Funny but also true!

i'm dying.

^Very true. xD