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60 Beautiful Flowers Wallpapers [Wallpaper Wednesday]

"and Winter comes to the earth in flakes and frost, soft and silent, enchanting and implaccable... as the Lover to his beloved."

Custom Printed Jigsaw Puzzles

The whole idea of spiritual cultivation—or education in general, for that matter—is that we can change. But most of us have a commitment to proving the opposite. We take pride in being the way we say and think we are. Even when we say we want to change, a

65+ Awesome Winter Landscape Photos

“beneath the dusting of soft snow there is a summer waiting to be born, a season of sun-kissed shoulders and rodeo queens, of campfires, and rivers, and barn swallows dancing at twilight...” ― Kate Mullane Robertson

Disney on a Dime: Doing Disney Cheap (On a 30K/Year Salary)

October - I used to love fall, and somehow, I must still. I just do not want win...ter, which I also used to love.... but it hurt me so....