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    Studies show that drinking a glass or two of wine every day (particularly red) can lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. I for one take this research very seriously, religiously pouring myself two glasses every evening, whether I’m thirsty or really, reall...

    The 10 best wines under 15 bucks.

    • Kitchen and Dining

      The 10 best wines under 15 bucks. --The only thing is that it's from 'Men's Health,' so some of the fun, cheap, girly wines aren't on here. ;)

    • Yasmeen Bernier

      10 best reds under #health food #health tips #healthy eating #better health solutions|

    • Ashley Walters

      The 10 best wines under 15 bucks....I generally don't line red wine but it is good to know of gifting or bring-alongs

    • Deb Springer

      The 10 best wines under 15 bucks.From 'Men's Health,' so some of the girly wines aren't on here. ;) Perfect.

    • Tiffany

      The 10 best wines under 15 bucks--I tend to enjoy the fuller-bodied red wines so this list is perfect for me! Louis Martini is my fav!

    • Jen Langston

      Cheap Red Wine? My favorite. The 10 best wines under 15 dollars.

    • Ariel Rhodes

      The 10 best wines under 15 bucks. Good link, good wine.

    • Julie Snider

      Love my red wine! The 10 best wines under $15

    • Karen Roberts

      The 10 best cheap wines...

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    Interesting-- Coke and red wine make a perfectly delightful combination when mixed about 50-50 and well iced. The wine cuts the sweetness of the Coke, and the Coke adds zing to the wine. And it travels. Easily. To prepare: Take a 1.5-liter bottle of Coke and pour out half. Pour in one 750-mililiter bottle of dry (and cheap) red wine. Seal the bottle. Dispense into red Solo cups full of ice. Repeat.

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