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This is how I imagine it went, too!

Hobbes And Bacon // I've always loved Calvin and Hobbes as a kid. came across this tribute to Waterson. 26 years later Calvin and Susie finally got married and has a daughter named Bacon. She inherits Hobbes and Susie's bunny. WHY CAN'T THIS BE REAL

Hobbes and Bacon. I love these so much!

Hobbes and Bacon, this really takes me back

Bacon and Hobbes- comic strip by Phill-Art about Calvin's daughter Bacon :D It's ADORABLE.

Lavoro Torino  #job #annuncio #neolaureati #mestiere # professione [Image] Persistence and Determination

Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent Be persistent and fight on so says Calvin Coolidge. Inspirational quotes turned into drawings by Zen Pencils.

Sometimes anime makes me smile. This is true. PS. I can plunge a toilet like a boss and I often laugh until I cry happy tears.

Love vs Lust (Karina Farek)

Love vs Lust (Karina Farek) The love part is the kind of relationship you get with me lol especially if I choose to be in one with you

Hobbes and Bacon. Loved the original cartoon, Calvin and Hobbes, so this is a treat! A continuation of the story!

Hobbes and Bacon Part 2

Hobbes and Bacon 2 by ~Phill-Art on deviantART I dont know what i would have done without calvin and hobbes growing up

"Everything not saved will be lost". - Imgur

"Everything not saved will be lost".

This is kinda sad but true to move forward you've got to sacrifice some things it's part of the game called Life.

Hobbes and Bacon! This game caused 5 stitches on my cheekbone and the near loss of an eyeball. Still played it!

Hobbes and Bacon!

Hobbes and Bacon 4 by ~Phill-Art on deviantART. I really like this guys reinterpretation of Calvin and Hobbes. Very sweet.

More Hobbes and Bacon :)

More Hobbes and Bacon :)

the guys at pants are overrated created a few strips with calvin and suzie all grown up. they now have a daughter named Bacon. what an awesome name. what a great tribute to Calvin and Hobbes.

The cast of The Princess Bride - 25 years later.  Omg Andres picture broke my heart. What a great soul we have lost

The cast of The Princess Bride - 25 years later.

The cast of The Princess Bride - 25 years later. I love how they have a picture of Andre the Giant (Fezzik) since he had died. Also absolutely love this movie