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funny beer guy meme

That moment when. you even KNOW how many times this has happened? I have ended up meeting so many people this way though. :) #OhSnap!!


Zach Galifianakis

11. This. You know you've got a good one when he tries to console you and then volunteers to be your PMS punching bag.

99 Of The Funniest Pinterest Pictures We’ve Ever Seen

You did not specify! xD

Adventures with George Washington | History Humor- Pardon the language.

hahahaha this is my life

Respect the bubble, people! ;]


it happens from time to time.

Funny Pictures Of The Day


Too funny not to pin

Arthur is my spirit animal.

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Justin Timberlake on SNL

Lmao. Do it every time.

Harry Potter humor. Very bad Harry Potter humor. But I laughed.

Anyone who packs a lunch like this: | 35 Ridiculously Dumb People Who Will Make You Feel Like A Genius