carved in an OLIVE PIT. Crazy!

after a load of kids let loose with stickers

Master of Miniatures - Nikolai Aldunin. Procession of camels in the eye of a needle.

Screech Owl, by wildlife artist and sculptor Earl Matz

J Paul Fennell

Beautifully ornate sculptures of human body parts made from fabric.

Chain Saw Artist, Dayton Scoggins

❤I'm totally in love with this pic. I love the color, the look on her gorgeous face, the emotion in the delivery, love it. Beautiful, colorful, vibrant art ❤

book art

Papercrafting!! Cabinet de Curiosités by Zim And Zou, via Behance


Curved-Crease Sculpture by Erik and Martin Demaine...not your usual origami.

Emma Lloyd - Book Artist



Flower @ danmala : mandala art

Connect, artist book by Jane Merks. This tunnel book celebrates the beautiful craft of old doilies. 61 cm x 61 cm x 183cm, kozo paper, old doilies, wood, string and wire. March 2007

Once a woodcarver, Chinese artist Wen Fuliang now carves eggshells.

Wood sculpture Figurative,Nani,Female nude, Fine art Sculpture, by Chad Awalt-Fine Art and Sculpture in wood