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Really been noticing this recently. We are limited by so many things, that don't even matter. Like following someones rules, and doing things the way everyone else does. I just want to let go of all those blocks, and make my own path.

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24 Simple, Quirky Things A Guy Can Do To Make His Girl Completely Melt

Haha, love this. Normal people are boring. I Know my GF is so damn hot and she isn't a weirdo but i like to think we both have a little crazy inside of us and truth be told - I Love her lit'l craziness just as much as i Love Her. You to pieces, My LMA.

We are...check all of the above. Simple, happy, free, old souls with its Karma paid, nothing to prove and loving and living in our simple Boho YOLO, hippy gypsy homey country abode. This is our mojo wokin;!

As much as I want to be weird and funny, it's hard when shit keeps falling apart around me. But, when I think life is fucked something, even as tiny as a stranger smiling at me makes life I little brighter. Lesson in life: always smile at strangers!! dX