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Mr. Hunter and his friends were hanging out in Kent, Connecticut when they encountered these sculptures in the courtyard at Kent Town Center. As you can see, Mr. H felt a strong affinity with the stone statues. Turns out these pieces were part of an official outdoor exhibition at Eckert Fine Art. The artist is Boaz Vaadia. This piece is called Dog/Ed. 2/5. Though it always looked like a big cat to me. Kent, Connecticut

commercieel, deze animatie is gemaak voor de muziek, de timing en achtergronden vind ik vooral inspirerend, de sfeer in de animatie is erg goed.

The Milky Way spreads across the night sky at Padre Island, the largest of the Texas barrier islands. Photo by: Chase A. Fountain

Ethernet Emergency Kit - Cable connector for field assembly Class FA for 8 wire cables. - Connect / extend / repair / relocate copper data cables up to Cat.7A. - Compliance to Class FA up to 1000 MHz according to ISO/IEC 11801 Ed.2.2:2011-06 in connection with Cat.7A copper cables. - Suitable for Power over Ethernet. - Suitable for cables with an overall diameter of 5.0 to 9.7 mm. - Fully shielded version according to DIN EN 50173-1 and DIN EN 50310.