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  • Amanda Fosdick

    Laundry room organization; I like the cubby for laundry basket!

  • Marisa Haas

    laundry basket shelves - one day I will build a house, and it will have this in the laundry room.

  • JeremyandKim Smith

    laundry room idea: open shelf and basket for each family member (clean and sorted for them to fold!

  • Briana Joseph

    *laundry room with laundry basket organization - i want room for this - so easy to fold the clothes and place them in the baskets for each family member. also, good idea to store bed linens in the laundry room - as you bring your dirty linens/sheets/blankets in for washing - pick up your clean ones & head back to your bedroom.

  • Susannah Hurt

    laundry room organization | basket for each family member...toss the clean clothes in the right basket and they can take it to their to fold and put away.

  • Christy Marie Walton

    idea: open shelf and basket for each family member (clean and sorted for them to fold! - I'd love a house big enough for a laundry room where I could do this, sorting into people piles direct from the dryer or line.

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I would do laundry every day in this laundryroom!

Back in the 70's my mother had my father build an area like this for our baskets. Our laundry was sorted out and when full, we took it to our bedrooms. A wonderful system. My mom was cool before Martha!!

Laundry days would be so much easier if I had a closet space like this! (ok...truthfully, I'd just be happy to have laundry somewhere in my apartment!)

OMG I think I just fell in love. Laundry Tub Sink. We spend so much time in the laundry room so we might as well make it pretty.

Some day, some day I will be able to fold laundry and wrap gifts in the same room

Seriously... WHY isn't it normal to have washer/dryer in the closet? Makes so much sense!

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Although not showing in pic, I'm looking for ways to conceal a washer and dryer. Looks like there are doors here hidden inside the cabinet.

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This is a good layout for an organized laundry room. I have nice stainless steel front loaders and the laundry/utility room in my townhouse looks similar to this.