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    How Samurai Work

    The legend of the samurai continues to permeate our culture, with countless movies and TV shows dedicated to the subject. How much of what we know about the samurai is truth, and how much is myth? Find out about the strict warrior code of the samurai, the honor system that shaped their lives, the we...

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    Wakazashi, Tanto, Katana , espadas, japon, samurai (honor)

    katana (long sword--shorter than daisho), wakizashi (short sword), tanto (dagger)

    TWD Day 21. my weapon of choice is a Japanese sword, Katana 刀

    Blade and Mounting for a Sword (Katana)

    Beautiful red katana.As an alchemical symbol aspects of the sword are representative of purification through the process of life and death. Furthermore, Buddhism recognizes the sword as a metaphor in that the sword cuts through ignorance to reach to the truth in all things….“cutting through” wrong thought.

    Katana Wakizashi and Tanto Ivory Handle

    Katana - While Aikido uses bokkens which simulate a katana, Aikido's sister bushido Iaido does use katanas. I found this diagram useful in learning the parts of a katana / bokken.

    Seax and Sword make a nice matched pair

    Tachi, on its special stand.

    Katana. I've always been fascinated by swords; the skill needed to avoid the icy heat of your opponents blade while wielding your own is the ultimate dance.