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Traje Regional de PUEBLA - MÉXICO

"China Poblana" dress; traditional dress from the state of Puebla, Mexico

Traje típico de Río Blanco, Veracruz, México.

Mazahua women from Santa Ana Nichi in the state of Mexico attend a ceremony held at the Centro Cultural Mazahua

huipiles. Pronounced "wee peel." My mom was in the Peace Corps in Guatemala in the 68 and worked with Indian women who wore these. They were facinated by her long blonde hair.

Huichol Embroidery Colorful embroidery adorns the clothing of Huichol artisans attending the 2010 Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Tehuantepec Clothing Mexico Magnificent huipil and skirt from the Tehuantepec area of Oaxaca. Hand embroidered in the typical "large flower" style of Tehuantepec.

China Poblana -- Collection of the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City.

Tehuana Traje Oaxaca by Teyacapan, via Flickr

Loved this so much. Number one place I wanna go back to. Quintana Roo, Mexico.