Love Ryan Gosling's style in Crazy Stupid Love.

Could be just the right suit for my next, ok ok, my first, black tie event. Check out the double breasted vest on this 3-piece slim fit 'Richmond' suit by Jack Bunneys (UK).

Ryan Gosling

Mr. Craig

Men's fashion

Love the suit!


How a suit should fit...

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I met a guy today wearing this jacket and just about died when he let me try it on. It was perfect. Save those pennies!


ryan gosling + crazy good dark green suit with leather accents (apparently its albert hammond jr. + Ilaria urbinati for confederacy with amazing givenchy sunglasses)

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Harvey isn't just one of New York City's best legal closers; he's also one of the best dressed.

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

There's a huge trend gaining popularity in weddings - navy suits. They're a great alternative to the black ones, they're more vivid, not so ordinary and really chic - Ryan Gosling proves that. Although, Ryan Gosling's picture above the article probably won't help you in getting your man excited about his wedding suit as much you're about your gown.

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three-piece suit

two tone tie

'I didn't have a girlfriend till I was 21, which is pretty late. I was a loner,' said David Gandy hellooo beautiful