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Collies are the best dogs ever! When I was little I had three collies, when I was one or two they would let me pull there hair when I would stand up so I wouldn't fall, they didn't even growl or get mad, they were really smart, I used have races with my dogs and play hide, I love collies

Reminds me of my great-grandmother, Nanny. When I was little, I would spend the night with her and she would tell me stories about Lassie.

She sat and waited for him as she did every night. The love of her life. At length he came as ever he did, drunk, staggering, with a bat. He beat her to death, her eyes never left his as she cried in pain, confusion. Her voice, pain, sorrow, call for help, never left me.

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Someday when I have a house I want a Collie. But I wont buy...just look for a mixed at a pound or shelter! :)


So delicate - memories of the awful snow!

Are those girls still looking...? Are they? Are they?///

Collie. This could be a picture of MY Collie! Looks SO much like him!

Smooth Collie dog photo | rough and 1 smooth collie all 3 photos with thanks to www mwcr org ...