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  • Carlie Dauteuil

    The Elephant Shrew is one of the Small Five animals found in South Africa. These animals are mainly solitary in the wild. Breeding season is around August- September. The gestation is 56-61 days. The usual litter size is 2. Color: fur is long and soft; the upper parts are sandy brown, pale buff, orange buff, or pale grayish buff. Region: Nambia, the Cape province of South Africa, and extreme southern Botswana. Habitat: Gravelly, sandy, thornbush plains www.south-african...

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The relationship between a person & a dog is a special bond, but the bond between a horse & rider is even more intimate you both learn each other inside & out so that you can ride in perfect unison They will know you & you them like no other animal relationship. Its a beautiful love

A sengi racing-saw these little animals on Animal Planet. Their noses are so cute!

baby elephant shrew (sengi)

Karoo rock elephant shrew or Karoo rock sengi (Elephantulus pilicaudus) is a type of shrew in the genus Elephantulus. Its known habitat is in South Africa (Northern Cape Province, Western Cape Province).

E is for Elephant Shrew Is this not the cutest thing!? I was searching for an animal to learn about and share and came across this little guy…CUTENESS! So, here is some information about him. #abcblogging

The Elephant Shrew, Sengi, is possibly the cutes animal on the planet