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The Sengis

A sengi racing

Wish i had a Grey Face Sengi

baby elephant shrew (sengi)

Karoo Rock Sengi

"The Elephant Shrew, Sengi, is possibly the cutes animal on the planet"

A Sengi (Elephant Shrew) investigates a Swallowtail Butterfly

Grey-faced Sengi (Rhynchocyon udzungwensis)

Le sengi Gijs

Cutest creature in the World alert! This unusual African sengi is one of two making its debut at Chester Zoo. The tiny newcomer, also known as a round eared elephant-shrew, was born at the zoo for the very first time during the summer in a special behind-the-scenes breeding facility

This Baby Tapir is the Most Painfully Adorable Thing You'll See All Week


BackLight Squid , by amirst1, via Flickr

Dik dik by Rusty Dodson


when i have my own personal hobbithole mud fortress it will be guarded by an elite troupe of tricked-out mountain goats