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Pictures of the day: 25 June 2012

Antoine sits on a giant waterlily leaf during a photo shoot for babies aged under 1 at the National Botanic Garden of Meise, near Brussels

National Botanical Garden, Meise. A professional photographer taking pictures of your kids on a giant leaf.

As Barack Obama avoids onions because he has to 'kiss babies and stuff', candid images show the President in action

Hong Kong harbor rubber duck parade by Flick, via and duckling super cute kawaii floating comical art installation,promotion I want a duck this big,but it wont fit in the bath

The week in pictures: 22 June 2012

A horse from the Household Calvary looks at a human-operated polar bear puppet on Whitehall in London, as Greenpeace launch their Arctic Rising campaign

Gilles du Carnaval de Binche, Belgium, February 2013. Picture by Elvire Photography