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Wonder Woman Costume

by Sarie
A retro Wonder Woman costume I made for a school dance. The Sadie Hawkins Dance at my school was going to be Superhero themed, but since my school is a private Christian school, they decided that everyone would be wearing spandex and that just couldn't happen. They changed the theme to Mardi Gras, w...

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LITTLE MISS WONDERFUL Wonder Woman Inspired Corset Top and Tutu Set with Wrist Cuffs and Tiara. $95.00, via Etsy.

what I wanted Faith to be for Halloween... she said she wants Jessie Instead. .. Man none of my kids like my ideas. Maybe Trent and I will be Nacho Libre and wonderwoman.

The way I ran around the house half the time! Only my crown was foil and bracelets duct tape.

wonder woman. I remember being her for halloween one year. the same year it snowed & I had chicken pox.

Wonder Woman Halloween Costume.

A wore a plain black tee with a handmade Wonder Woman logo that was traced and cut out of adhesive felt. Make the tutu using blue tulle and added some Styrofoam white stars. Wear red shin sleeves to look a little like her boots. I also made a superhero cape from a bargain tee by cutting it up. Finally I paired it with cuffs and a crown I made from gold styrofoam and some elastic.

You better believe if I had enough confidence for this I would be on it like a spider monkey

Wonder Woman leotards | Get creative with your Wonder Woman costume! - Wonder Woman Costume

If I would have had this outfit as a kid... My mom would have never gotten me out of it.