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20 Incredibly Bizarre Vintage Halloween Costumes #Halloween #halloweencostumes

CRYSTALS by Beth Kirby #stellar

Dancer as a snake. Is this Ruth St. Denis? She did a dance as a snake charmer....

Vibrant, glistening costumes adore these 1950s circus performers (don't you just love the ladies' towering turban hats?).

110-year old reusable condoms made from fish bladder

18th century wax vanitas model.

Fox dude

The Hedgehog & the Hare, Fairy-tale Ball, Munich, 1862

Time Machine

Mermaid. :)


tim mcdonagh style/detail/specificity

# NWvintage

tea anyone?


Bear love

dancing girls

Menkake Gyoretsu - Procession of people wearing grotesque masks from the Goryo Shrine to Gokurakuji Temple, Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan - Based on a legend that Yoritomo had affair with an outcast girl whom he visited accompanied by masked men to hide his identity. The masks are antique pieces from the mid 18th c. Sept. 2012. S)

Skull Sculpture Crania Anatomica Filigre via Etsy.


Marine Curiosities by V L A D I M I R

Marine Curiosities by V L A D I M I R , via Behance

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12 monkeys - Psychotherapy