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This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

Never. Ending.- I laughed harder then I should have.

I Dont Mind Cancelled Plans Either

It's why I always look at people's tagged photos, thats the true them (:

This couldn't be more true!! Lol And Florida. That is PERFECT!! Haha

Ha ha ha! The sad part is that all of this is 100% true!!

The little things in life that ruffle your feathers...

I don't know if I'm just tired or if this stuff is actually funny because I cannot stop laughing

The worst things ever to happen…

True. The most true pin ever pinned. I'm so guilty of this and the I get the "are you serious!?" Look from my husband and then he says," from now I'm force feeding you before letting you into any store with food". Lol