Marilyn Monroe in Nevada, 1961 (during the filming of John Huston's The Misfits). Photo: Eve Arnold.

Marilyn and her chihuahua

Bar girl in a brothel in the red light district, Havana, Cuba, 1954 © Eve Arnold

1957: Marilyn with her Bassett Hound, Hugo.

This is a photo by Eve Arnold. The model in this piece is the well known actress Marilyn Monroe, i like the way eve has captured her natural beauty by producing this medium close up of her.

Marilyn Monroe and friend. Love this photo!

Joan Crawford at home, 1959 Eve Arnold

Marilyn Monroe

London 1972 Photo: Eve Arnold

marilyn monroe with her dog, hugo, 1957 • sam shaw

Marilyn Monroe by Eve Arnold, 1960 http://www.siliconesexdolls.net/ http://www.siliconesexdolls.us/ http: // www.muñecasdesilicona.es / http://www.poupeesexesilicone.com/ http://www.silikonsexpuppen.com/

Marilyn Monroe

Silvana Mangano at the Museum of Modern Art, 1956. Photo by Eve Arnold.

Marilyn Monroe

Eve Arnold IRELAND. Aran Isles. Innishmoor. 1974.

Marilyn Monroe

Eve Arnold, Nomads, Afghanistan, 1969 - fucking unreal picture. incredible!

marilyn monroe

missingmarilyn: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Eve Arnold, 1955. omg omg omg what omg