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    • Winnie Parker

      What a surreal, beautiful place! Melissani Cave, Kefalonia Greece

    • Dreamer In Paradise

      #breathtaking #beautiful #loveit #beautifulplaces #stunning #wow #gorgeous WOWOWOW <3

    • Erin Jollymore

      One of the Ionian islands in Greece, Kefalonia is definitely the greenest and greatest. Just one of Kefalonia’s many well known sightseeing and tours points of interest is Melissani Lake. This massive underground cave was formed around one thousand years ago when the ceiling of a huge cave system broke down and tumbled in the sea beneath it uncovering the clear blue waters on the wonderful sunlight above.

    • Aquias Spies

      One of the Ionian islands in Greece, Kefalonia is definitely the greenest and boasts the Melissani Undercover Cave and Lake. Sigh* def bucket list stuff this!

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    EDSer: "Should I take the extra pain pill or not? If I do, I might be able to sleep, or at least stop having to move around; if I don't, I can save it for when the next clusterfuck of holiday, pharmacy delivery, insurance delays, and Dr. approval happens... choices, choices. I think I'll stare at it for a couple hours while I figure it out." Yelena Cgernyavskaya

    EDSer Recommended Face Wash: Yves Rocher brand's Nutritive Vegetal line's Velvety Ultra-Rich Cleanser. Soap free, paraben free, mineral oil free, colorant free. S.A.M. review: My face puffs up when I'm feverish, or (oftentimes) fall forwards sound asleep in a chair. Sometimes I'm even lucky & don't faceplant onto my keyboard, pens, or food! [NO >1/8" LIQUID IN FACEPLANT REGION EVER!] This is the ONLY wash I use when injured, even on body wounds. Sooo perfect for EDS skin; see more in comments...

    "Please don't scare me, I poop easily." -For when you're not afraid of letting it all out. (Ha.) I would make this like an open/closed store sign for when I have IBS boughts and have the other side say "Please scare me, I need to poop." Cool crafts on Pinterest | Wood Signs Sayings, Wood Signs

    Entang Wiharso. Never Give Up, 2015; Aluminium sheet, laser cut, graphite, Saunders paper 638g; 165.5 × 116 × 3 cm. Courtesy of Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Never Give Up is an exemplary study of Entang Wiharso’s oeuvre: an allegorical undertaking that depicts the narrative of the postmodern human condition caught in the crossroads of political, ethnic, & religious systems ... in a geopolitically transformed SE Asia. I think it looks like the 'gremlins' I blame my EDS/fibro/etc. pain on.

    15 Amazing Halloween Makeup Ideas You Need To Start Practicing Now. #EDSzebra

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Zebra paper cutout design for the Cameo Silhouette.

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Zebra paper cutout design for the Cameo Silhouette.

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Zebra paper cutout design for the Cameo Silhouette.

    Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) Zebra paper cutout design for the Cameo Silhouette.

    I have the Silhouette Cameo, if any EDSers need these cut out, let me know, the font can be changed, the ribbon or words moved to a different place or used separately, all colors can be changed and things re-sized up to what the 12"x12" mat allows, and the stripes reversed. Depending on what papers are used, or fabrics, inks, cardboards to make packages, etc., there's a ton of stuffs you can make- so if you want.

    Living in The Fire Swamp of EDS | Our Life with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - A great article to read!!!

    OMG I need custom compression pants and shirts! I have wide wraps for my hips & ribs, but one time the elastic pushed a rib INTO me and got stuck pinched between the two surrounding ribs and the driver had to pull over and yank the damn elastic out of my body. NOT worth it, esp.since the strength involved getting them on tightly and adjusting the velcro is more dangerous than letting it be bc of wrist/finger dislocations/subluxatons.


    Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance... The five stages of waking up.

    @tabforacause Let's see if we can get an EDS charity added to this thing!!! Whenever you open a new tab you earn hearts which can be cashed in for charities you choose. 9/24/14: "Tab for a Cause is pledging $1 to Water for Ethiopia for every new Tabber that joins this week, up to $7500! It’s our biggest pledge yet. When the project reaches $100,000, Bill Gates will match the amount! Let's help John Green forever change the lives of more than 8,000 people."

    Study #3 for Flayed Arm © Judy Chicago, 2003 Etching, silver stain, and pen work on flash glass, 11" x 18" Courtesy of Nyehaus, New York, NY Photo © Donald Woodman

    The Sherpa™ Pen is a unique pen shell that holds a variety of disposable pens and markers as its refill including Sharpie®, Pilot® pen, uni-ball® pens and Accent® highlighters. In the EDS Board bc writing is a battle to find the balance b/t using our hands enough to keep muscles toned to help joint laxity stay less severe longer, vs. overdoing it and causing crippling symptoms to pile on faster, which we never know if we will recover from, and if so, what our new level of 'normal' will be.

    Maslin & Co Zebra Towel $225 Ditch the threadbare Technicolor rags lying around the linen closet and invest in a sophisticated zebra hid...

    Hey Lady, hang my stripes up for a while too? :P


    ...And then there are animals and tiny creatures galore because zebras.

    Cake Is One Hell Of A Drug! – 18 Pics Maybe that's what's missing from my dozen a day regimen...