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create your own "shrinky dink" buttons: #6 plastic, hole punch, and decorate w/ fine tip sharpie

cross stitch

DIY gift boxes from cardstock - Matryoshka themed

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Maquarie: Bokwus®

Russian doll

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Russian Doll Ice Cube Tray

Russian doll by 13 Vinilos €29,90

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Once in 1890 one sold the doll of Japanese fat and round old man Fukurama to Moscow Children Toy Workshop. Fukurama consisted from 3 dolls put one into another.Turner Vasiliy Zvyozdochkin (his surname can be translated as 'little star') made Fukurama's replica from wood,Sergey Malyutin painted the doll. They called the doll Matryoshka, that is a short name from Russian woman's name 'Matryona'. Soon the doll was recognized all over the world as Russian matryoshka

Display of Russian doll fridge magnets in shop, Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

I know they're supposed to be like the Russian stacking dolls, but all I can think of is -Weebles wobble but they don't fall down!

ragtales: "a few russian lavender (!) dolls using the spoonflower printed fabric. I have backed them with red ginghams, stuffed them with lavender and embellished them with the myriad of haberdashery that I have stashed away in various draws, I really enjoyed doing the faces..."

i want a matryoshka doll the way it is starting at the biggest down to small.

St Petersburg, Russia. We enjoyed our second trip much more ... and it is always wonderful to come home with handpainted dolls

One year...I want a Matryoshka cake for my birthday :)

Cute crochet doll,


Adelaida Guevara (Mon petit monde)

da Alice Disse

Pour présenter la Russie, des supports, des idées, des suggestions d'albums et une planche originale chez Mitsouko !

Meryle Streep gets a nesting doll of herself

Соль, Горчица, Перец

Babushka umbrella small in blue #babushka #russiandoll #matryoshka #dollsindolls #decor #traditional #kids #toys #handmade